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April 22, 2011
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Teacy Head Count by TailsCorra Teacy Head Count by TailsCorra
I'm probably going to scrap this whenever I get around to coloring it, but I'm rather proud of this one after a morning and afternoon of tearing my art down and starting over from the ground up.

Amungst my earlier scraps is my tests regarding muscles and proportions. Something else I wanted to do (as inspired by some similar pictures I'd seen before) is to experiment with head heights to determain age.

For Three heads, it's nice for a little bit of chibi-cute sort of Teacy, but ultimately doesn't seem to be his right size. Unfortunatly a rule mentioned in my earlier posts regarding the size of the legs to body kind of has to fly out the window in this case, as otherwise the body would be comically tiny. As such just an even 1/1 divide between legs and torso works just fine. Also putting details like muscle and such is ultimately pointless at this size, at least until I learn to draw a little cleaner.

Four heads seems to be what fits Teacy best. It doesn't require a lot of detail, and leaves a good amount of room for expression with his other body parts. I think I should have made his feet a little bigger in this one though... also his hand looks a little weird now that I look at it again... oh well...

Five heads is just a bit much. Teacy looks like he's 13 or older, and is getting quite a bit of mass to go along with it. This left a lot of room for detailing the muscles and such, but if you can see the sketch underneith it is VERY messy work, but again probably more a need for me to clean up better when sketching anyway.

I'm very happy with the stuff I learned today. It might take me awhile to learn how to properly apply it to all of my drawings, but I think I've taken a giant step towards bettering my art.
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